Dr. Jean-Pierre Chacon

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Dr. Jean-Pierre Chacon is a state of Florida Licensed Acupuncture Physician and Massage Therapist who has spent the last ten years working in the health care field.  He was recently interviewed by Telemundo for his knowledge and in-depth wisdom on the art and science of acupuncture.  His specialties include Oriental Medicine with an emphasis on Biology and Neuromuscular Therapy.  Dr. Chacon is also an expert in Facial Rejuvenation, Pain Management and Infertility.

“After many years of working with a variety of patients, I have learned how graceful medical science is integrated with Chinese medicine which has enabled me to offer a wider selection of treatments to optimize my patient’s results.”

Jean-Pierre was fortunate to jump start into alternative therapies when he enrolled into massage therapy at the age of nineteen.  In 1997 he graduated massage school with an Associated in Health Science with special emphasis on muscle/joint function earning him certificates in neuromuscular therapy and sports massage.  His early devotion to massage therapy was recognized by the dean of school and brought him on board as a Florida College of Natural Health staff member.  Jean-Pierre successfully taught lectures in human anatomy and physiology to college students for thirteen years.  It was in his lectures where he discovered a profound admiration for the complexity of the human ability to heal itself.  His determination to further understand the different aspects of the human body was just the beginning.

In 1998 he enrolled into an Oriental Medicine Program in Miami, Florida where he learned the Oriental Medicine approach for all diseases through Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM.  He also learned how to put aside science and accept energy as the vital life force that balances the entire body.  In 2004 Jean-Pierre graduated with a master in Oriental Medicine.  Seeing how graceful medical science has integrated with Chinese medicine, it has enabled him to maximize his patient’s results.  He is a board certified acupuncturist physician in the state of Florida since 2005.  Jean-Pierre has been in private practice since 1998 and has been active in his continue education on anatomy and physiology to massage and acupuncture students at the Acupuncture Massage College.

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